The 44KS was a high-end hand-wound mechanical watch from Seiko.

Introduced in 1964 and produced through 1968, the 44KS spawned the famous Grand Seiko 44GS, with which it shared a movement and factory. It was built by Daini Seikosha as their high-end alternative to the Suwa Seikosha-produced Grand Seiko line.

The 44KS was phased out in favor of the Daini-produced King Seiko 45KS in 1968. (Watch Wiki)

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King Seiko Chronometer
Stainless steel
50 m waterproof
Case: SS, GC           

KSSK 010

King Seiko Self Dater (1966)

King Seiko Calendar (1967-8)
With date
Second hand hacking
Case: SS, SGP
Diameter: 35,5mm
Thickness: 10,8mm
Lug to lug: 42mm
Lugs: 19mm

KSK 010
Second hand hacking Case: AGF
Diameter: 36,5mm
Thickness: 11,3mm
Lug to lug: 43mm
Lugs: 19mm
44999 (in 1964)

KSK 020
Second hand hacking Case: SS
Diameter: 36,5mm
Thickness: 11mm
Lug to lug: 43,5mm
Lugs: 19mm

[1]. The technical data is not present in Seiko catalogs. Our main source is A King Seiko elfeledett története - The Forgotten Story of King Seiko, by Róbert Sipos.


King Seiko case types:

AGF All Gold Filled GF "Gold Filled" - A thin layer of solid gold is mechanically, with heat and pressure bonded to the surface of the case. The gold layer is much thicker than with SGP. "All Gold Filled" - the case back is guilded too. The only KS example is 44-2000.  
GC Gold Cap Much thicker gold coating than GF or SGP. It is made by shaping solid gold into the shape of a case and attaching it to the case (like a cap - hence the name of the procedure).  
NSA Super Hard Alloy Surface hardness is high and resistant to small scratches, Hv = about 1200. The only KS example is 5626-7030  
SGP SEIKO Gold Plated case and SS back The gold layer is electrochemically applied to the case. It always covers the entire case except the removable case back.   
SS Stainless Steel case     
TSGP Combined SS and SGP case and SS back    

Full Seiko Case Material Codes table.   

44KS replacement numbers: crystal crown
44-2000 330N01AN 50R03D
-9990 331W01AN 55W32D
4402-8000 320W01AN 55W36D
4420-9000 325W06AN 55W41E
-9990 330W01AN 55W32D